Highly effective waterproofing composite of high strength geotextiles

3mm base mineral base layer

4mm base mineral top layer


Professional Torch-on Waterproofing Membrane at Vikin

Have you heard the word’ torch’ waterproofing for the first time? Well, this method has become increasingly popular when it comes to waterproofing. 

At Vikin Waterproofing Technologies, we understand our clients like to be able to purchase everything required that will ensure the best torch waterproofing of your property. At our shop, we offer quality torch applied waterproofing membrane.

We Take Care of all Your Needs

Yes, since the day of our inception in the field of selling waterproofing products, we have added other products and service as suggested by our valued clients.’ We have begun to implement all those possible and feasible things that will improve the service and customer engagement within our shop.

This is the reason why we stock all the required products of the rare waterproofing solution- torch-applied waterproofing bituminous membrane.

What so Special About the Products?

Science has been extremely generous to our industry for making assorted products available as per the requirements and specification in construction. We have available and stock bitumen for waterproofing. The following are some of the reasons that make it widely used raw material for torch applied waterproofing membrane

  • It has extremely fine qualities like sticky, highly viscous making it a perfect adhesive as waterproofing

  • It can be used at several places like below-ground structures, roofs, bridges, basements, and other places

  • It has a property of self-adhesiveness making it perfect material to be used as waterproofing.

  • It is resistant to extreme weather conditions and can withstand extreme cold and heat.

  • The material bitumen as torch applied waterproofing membrane has excellent mechanical properties making it resistant to mechanical punctures and damages.

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