Moisture curing polyurethane membrane

Uses: Balconies, terraces, wet area floors, podiums 

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Moisture curing bitumen modified polyurethane membrane

Uses: Retaining walls, podiums, planter boxes, landscaped areas and green concrete


A high quality UV stable membrane base layer. 

Uses: Rooftops, podiums, balconies and under screed


Opt for the Best Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane for your project

Vikin Waterproofing Technologies can provide you with the ultimate solution for all types of waterproofing. We are your one-stop shop for any concerns or information on seepage and water leakages solutions. We can provide you with the waterproofing solution for outdoor and indoor, decks, podiums, and ramps. We have one of the best range of solutions for the waterproofing membrane of polyurethane. It has the best solution for supplying maximum crack bridging.

Perks of Going with the Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane

Unlike other materials available for waterproofing, below are some of the advantages associated with the use of polyurethane membrane - 

  • Easy to maintain as well as install

  • No Welds. No Seams. No Laps.

  • Durable and unmatched wear resistance

  • Skid-resistant

  • Odour free

  • Weather and UV resistant

  • Super finish with minimal dirt retention


Polyurethane Membrane and its Utility

The popularity of polyurethane waterproofing membrane is due to the multiplicity in the field of utility. We currently stock polyurethane membrane for use in the following places -

  • Ramps

  • Deck

  • Podiums

  • Roofs


In addition to this, the products that we have are very much applicable for commercial as well as domestic usage.


We have the Best in Stock


Since the day of our inception in the business of selling waterproofing materials, we have ensured quality products. This is one of the reasons why we are held in high regards amongst the builders, contractors, and homeowners. We deal with a wide range of polyurethane waterproofing membrane that can be used for any place as per your specifications and requirements.


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