Find out more about VIKIN's Trafficable Carpark System 

VIKIN's Managing Director Justin Mcculla has spent 15 years overseeing carpark waterproofing systems that need to be used with the rigorous wear and tare of cars. When asked he said: “Its extremely important to get the process right, otherwise the system will be exposed more so with this kind of waterproofing application than any other.”

This process is limiting working parts and time between coats, behind immaculate preparation as the non-negotiatbles that are required for the VIKIN 3 coat carpark system. When dealing with the site team at Liverpool - the key messages from Justin to EQ Construction experts where: “Firstly the concrete pours should be opened if dusty by a light grind, then the Hydraguard solvent based epoxy primer to encapsulate residue and promote adhesion is essential.“ The team from the contracting company took these measures and allowed 4 hours for the primer to cure.

After the rising temperatures moved on of SYDNEY construction that can lead to issues, they applied the Vikinguard solvent based polyurethane system. The next part for Justin was the most important: “The flaud process with other manufacturers products I’ve seen over my time, of adding multiple wear coats is where they came unstuck - 3 to 4 coats of ATC, a less strong adhesive topcoats vs a good bond between tacky base coat and primary topcoat and ensuring that this occurs between 12-24 hours of installation of the base coat is the essential component to see the system done correctly.”

Following this advice the Hydraguard UV was installed after 12 hours (next day) and the result was an extremely strong bonded system ready for cars at a residential tower Carpark/driveway of 1200 m².

Dom Finlay, Sales Manager of VIKIN, was quoted in saying: “It’s really pleasing to see a quality result based on dillegent waterproofing contractors following instructions precisely from VIKIN to ensure corners aren’t cut and a process that is done concisely, finishes in a perfect installation as seen here that will last the test of time.”

EQ Quality control manager Nigel Bradbury, was quoted in saying: “In my time I’ve seen overcomplicated systems, the VIKIN system , is a commonsense simplified process that irons out, by the use of quality products, the need for over applying coats - leaving a strong bonded effective finish."


VIKIN is happy to discuss design requirements at any stage for future carpark systems through, SYDNEY, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

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